Thursday, July 5, 2012

Video! Eclipse 2.0 Android ROM on the Droid Charge FP1 update

 I just got this video up and running on my channel @ Eclipse ROM Review & Install

Check it out an let me know what you think. Subscribing is free and appreciated as it motivates me to make more videos. Thanks!

Eclipse 2.0 Android ROM on the Droid Charge FP1 update

Complete everything at your own risk. You could brick your phone.

In this video kraisydave reviews the Eclipse ROM after several weeks of use. The end is followed up with a step by step how to install.

Please feel free to post questions here. I will answer them as fast as I can, but I am only one person. You can also jump over to any of the great forums out there in the below links.

Thanks for watching and please subscribe to and twitter @ kraisydave as it is free and motivates me to keep making more videos.

There are many videos on my channel to get your Droid Charge all ready to except this ROM. Check them out first!

All credit for this great ROM goes to: nitroglycerine33 @

You can find him the Droid Charge section of the Eclipserom forum. He appreciates donations....

Links for place to research and ask questions:

All need files and instructions:

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